In this Utah crazy Real Estate market Sellers ask us all the time, how I can increase the value of my home; with so many competitors out there on the market.

And to answer that question, we know that each case is totally different from the other. There are a ton of reasons, the budget, time frame of the seller at that moment. For the Sellers that have the opportunity of doing a little Makeup, Camera, Action. The best way to present your house to potential Buyers it would be:

  • De-clutter. Clutter makes the home appear smaller and of losing value through the eyes of the Buyers. (This is the Killer # 1 of OFFERS coming in)
  • ODORS Yes, you read it (Kill the nasty odors,  going for animal odors, to kitchens, bathrooms, BEDROOMS).
  • Do the repairs need it in advance,  do not wait for the POTENTIAL BUYER to ask what is going on with that?
  • Be ready and prepared to show your property, when your Realtor call/text you hey Jimmy, we have a showing between 4:00 and 6:00 pm.  That is real life events, people try to go see properties after work; PLEASE  make easy for the benefits of everyone.
  • A Home Warranty will lift any unwanted surprises from your shoulders, in the future. The Buyer calling you to tell you,  that the water heater went down.
  • Lastly and the most OBVIOUS,  use the Best Real Estate Agent; that WILL ANSWER THE PHONE, and answer any concerns you have at that moment. And take you from LISTING to CLOSING, step by step.
  • We are not “GHOST REALTORS”, so many complaints from clients,  mentioning the Realtor shows up in my home to take the listing, never answer the phone, text messages disappear in action. And worst before the Listing agreement EXPIRED voila, the Realtor shows up asking for an extension…


Do yourself a FAVOR, if you are thinking about “SELLING” your property, give us a call (801) 450-5963 or email us at or visit


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